Moving On, Up, or Out: Changing Work Needs of New RNs at Different Stages of Their Beginning Nursing Practice

This article describes the work experience of a national cohort of 229 RNs who participated in a survey on work environment at two different time periods. Survey results of the RNs’ experience within two and a half years of their initial RN licensure (time period two) are described in detail, and comparisons are made to their experiences one year earlier (time period one). Using Krippendorff’s technique for content analysis, six inter-related themes emerged at time period two. Findings indicate that the working environment of RNs impacts both nurses’ satisfaction and their dissatisfaction. Factors associated with dissatisfaction center on the lack of nurse manager leadership, persistent verbal abuse, high patient-to-nurse ratios, and the physical demands of bedside nursing that result in injuries.


Pellico, L. H., Djukic, M., Kovner, C. T., & Brewer, C. S.

Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 15(1).

doi: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol15No01PPT02

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