Research Teams

Research team at New York University

From left to right: Meriel McCollum, Jin Jun, Farida Fatehi, Maja Djukic, Jason Nembhard.

NYU teamMaja Djukic, PhD, RN

is a co-investigator. She is responsible for supervising project staff and for disseminating research findings through publication of manuscripts and presentations at conferences. Her research interests include examining relationships between nurse work environments and nurse and patient outcomes.

Farida Fatehi

is the data manager. She has numerous years of experience working with all aspects of the data management process, biostatistics, and programming for data analysis.

Jason Nembhard

is the project manager. He is responsible for maintaining the project’s timeline, monitoring the progress of the project, and the operational effectiveness of the project. Other responsibilities include: organizational structure and staffing, compliance, and writing annual grant reports for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Meriel McCollum

is an accelerated nursing student at New York University College of Nursing. Her research interests include healthcare policy and planning, rural health, and environmental nursing.

Jin Jun

is a PhD Student at New York University College of Nursing. She is a certified nurse practitioner in gerontology and adult health.

Jason FletcherJason Fletcher, PhD

is a biostatistician. He is responsible for analysis and for disseminating research findings through publication of manuscripts and presentations at conferences. He received his PhD in Psychometrics from Fordham University, and his research interests include quantitative analysis of survey data and longitudinal modeling of patient-reported outcomes.



AWS_headshotAmy Witkoski Stimpfel, PhD, RN

Dr. Witkoski Stimpfel joined the RN Work Project team in 2014. Her research aim is to understand the relationship between acute care nurses’ working conditions and patient care quality and nurse outcomes. Her scholarship uses theories and methodologies from health services research, occupational health, and nursing.


Research team at University at Buffalo










From left to right: Yulin Yang, Dr. Carol Brewer, Thomas Chacko

Yulin Yang

is a PhD student at Sociology Department, University at Buffalo. Her research interest is in Medical Sociology and quantitative methodology. She is working on papers concerning gender difference in unpaid housework related to different gender-health outcomes; how work hours and shift work are related to an individual’s physical and mental conditions; and what social determinants may be related to childhood obesity. Her responsibilities in the RN Work Project include assisting with literature searches, literature review and synthesis, maintaining the project reference library, survey development, and manuscript preparation and formatting.

Thomas Chacko

is a PhD student in Social Welfare and a Masters student in Psychology at University at Buffalo. Tom’s research interests are focused on the psychological well-being of aging veterans with special focus on personality and mood disorders. His research interests also include studying individuals and organizations using mixed methods. His responsibilities on the RN Work Project include literature review and synthesis, database management, survey development, manuscript preparation and formatting, and maintaining the project website.