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Physical Work Environment and Job Satisfaction

Physical Work Environment in Hospitals Affects Nurses’ Job Satisfaction, With Implications for Patient Outcomes, Health Care Costs   Study finds architecture, interior design, and other physical aspects of their work environments can enhance early-career nurses’ job satisfaction. Physical Work Environment and Job Satisfaction NR FINAL

Summer 2014 RN Work Project Newsletter

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Changing Trends in Newly Licensed RNs

Recent changes in U.S. health care and economics may influence the demand for nurses and the work choices of newly licensed RNs (NLRNs). We sought to compare the work lives of two cohorts of NLRNs licensed six years apart.  Response rates were 58% and 47%, respectively, for the 2004–05 cohort (N = 774) and the […]

Geographic Mobility Presentation

Geographic Mobility Infographic

How local are nursing labor markets?

Intersection of Migration and Turnover Theories-What Can We Learn?

The purpose of this article was to compare the concepts of an integrated nursing turnover theory with the concepts of one international migration framework. 2014 Brewer, C. S. & Kovner, C. T. Nursing Outlook. 62(1), 29-38. doi: 10.1016/j.outlook.2013.09.002.          Read the article

Early-career Registered Nurses’ Participation in Hospital Quality Improvement Activities

We surveyed 2 cohorts of early-career registered nurses from 15 states in the US, 2 years apart, to compare their reported participation in hospital quality improvement (QI) activities. We anticipated differences between the 2 cohorts because of the growth of several initiatives for engaging nurses in QI. There were no differences between the 2 cohorts […]

Improvements in Educational Preparedness for Quality and Safety

Ongoing assessments of nurses’ preparedness in quality and safety competencies are absent from prelicensure education programs. 2013 Djukic, M., Kovner, C., Brewer, C., Fatehi, F., & Bernstein, I. Aidarus, N. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 4(2), 15-21. Read the article

Positive Work Environments of Early-career Registered Nurses and the Correlation with Physician Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse in the workplace is experienced by registered nurses (RNs) worldwide; physicians are one of the main sources of verbal abuse.   2013 Brewer, C. S., Kovner, C. T., Obeidat, R.F. & Budin, W. Nursing Outlook. 61(6), 408-416. doi: 10.1016/j.outlook.2013.01.004 Read the article

Verbal Abuse from Nurse Colleagues and Work Environment of Early Career Registered Nurses

This study examined relationships between verbal abuse from nurse colleagues and demographic characteristics, work attributes, and work attitudes of early career registered nurses (RNs). 2013 Budin, W., Brewer, C. S., Chao, Y.Y. & Kovner, C. T Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 45(3), 308-316 doi: 10.1111/jnu.12033. Read the article